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July 19, 2023
Content Marketing | On Camera On Brand

Episode Summary

In this episode of On Camera On Brand, host Rob Ruscher sits down with Chris Jurchak from Chris Jurchak Designs. They delve into the heart of design, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful decisions and the ability to defend them to clients.

The conversation explores the intersection of art and service in the design industry. They discuss the significance of early involvement in projects, understanding client pain points, and the value of communication in shaping a vision. The duo also highlights the importance of professionalism and passion in the design process.

Lastly, they touch on the impact of technology on design. They view emerging tools as opportunities rather than threats, emphasizing the enduring importance of basic design principles. Despite the changing landscape, they agree that understanding what makes good design is key to being an effective designer.

Featured Guest

Name: Chris Jurchak
What he does: Art Director and Creative Director
Company: Chris Jurchak Designs
Noteworthy: Drawing: for some, a childhood hobby; for Chris, a vocation. From a young age, he was interested in art, which led him to become a graphic designer.

Key Insights

The Importance of Early Involvement in Projects

Chris emphasizes the value of early involvement in projects, stating that understanding the client’s pain points and the reasoning behind their decisions from the get-go can significantly improve the design process. This early engagement allows for a more effective approach to problem-solving, as it provides a clearer understanding of the project’s foundation and the client’s vision.

Defending Design Decisions

Chris discusses the importance of being able to defend your design decisions to clients. He believes that if a designer can explain their reasoning behind a design, even if the client initially dislikes it, it opens up a dialogue that can lead to a better understanding and potentially a more satisfactory outcome. This approach also helps to establish a more effective visual vocabulary between the designer and the client.

Passion and Professionalism in Design

Chris highlights the importance of passion and professionalism in the design process. He suggests that speaking about a project with passion and treating it as a joy, even when challenging, can earn respect and appreciation from clients. He also emphasizes the need for technical knowledge and the ability to present oneself as a professional.

Episode Highlights

The Role of Passion and Professionalism

In this segment, Rob and Chris discuss the importance of professionalism and passion in the design industry. They emphasize that presenting oneself as a professional and speaking about projects passionately can earn clients’ respect and appreciation. They also highlight the significance of having technical knowledge in the field.

“Projects could be hard, but everything you’ve done, you put your all into it. People do respect that, and they appreciate the effort you put into it. So, yeah, speak professionally but passionately.”

The Art Industry as a Service Business

This part of the conversation focuses on the transformation of the art industry into a service business. They discuss the subjectivity of design and video and the importance of communicating a vision. They also talk about the value of early involvement in projects to understand the client’s pain points and reasoning.

“Design and video are subjective, so there’s no real right answer in terms of what direction you go in. So it can be a little bit of a complicated issue in terms of when you do go in a direction, but that’s why communicating a vision is so important.”

Communication as a Designer

In this section, the conversation revolves around the importance of communication in design. Chirs shares how explaining the reasoning behind a design leads to a desired outcome.

“Good design is informed by good, solid, critical thinking. And so when you have the understanding of why something works or what does, how things work together in pairs or patterns, you can create a better design and then have the great foundation of being able to communicate why it’s a good design. And that’s very important.”

Dealing with Client Suggestions

This part of the discussion focuses on dealing with client suggestions. Chris and Rob touch on the challenges of dealing with suggestions that may not work and the importance of pushing back when necessary. They also discuss the importance of trust in the creative process.

“If you have your reasons behind your vision, your direction, if you can defend it and tell them why this will work, then most of the time, I think people get on board. They did come to you because they had an issue.”

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