Balancing Creativity and Strategy in Small Team Marketing

December 2, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In a captivating episode of Tech Qualified, hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker welcome Rachel Cottam, Director of Content at Delivery Solutions. Rachel brings a unique perspective to the table, merging her past experience as a high school English teacher with her current role in content marketing. This episode delves into the challenges and strategies essential for small marketing teams, underlining the importance of community, adaptability, and alignment with business goals in marketing.

From Teaching to Marketing: Rachel’s Diverse Experience

Rachel Cottam discusses her transition from being an English teacher to leading content marketing, bringing a rich array of skills to her current role. She highlights the similarities between teaching and content marketing, such as the need for clear communication and engaging storytelling. Rachel’s journey is a testament to the diverse skill set required in content marketing, showcasing how experiences from different fields can enrich one’s approach in this niche area.

Overcoming Isolation and Embracing Community in Marketing

A significant focus of the conversation is the isolation often felt in specialized roles like content marketing, especially within small teams. Rachel talks about the importance of community building among marketers and the necessity of making strategies and metrics understandable across the entire organization. She advocates for finding peers with similar roles for support and collaboration, emphasizing the value of sharing specific resources and examples within these communities.

Striking a Balance in Small Marketing Teams

Rachel offers advice on balancing creativity and strategy in small marketing teams. She encourages embracing a growth mindset and the willingness to undertake a variety of tasks, advocating for adaptability and continuous learning. Rachel’s approach highlights the importance of feedback in refining one’s skills and the strategic decision-making required in allocating tasks between insourcing and outsourcing for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Conclusion: Aligning Marketing with Business Objectives

The episode wraps up with Rachel discussing the critical role of aligning marketing efforts with the broader business goals. She stresses the need for marketers to demonstrate the impact of their work on the company’s overall success, whether in terms of revenue generation, cost savings, or efficiency improvements. This discussion underscores the significance of small marketing teams in shaping a company’s external perception and their crucial role in developing content across various platforms.

Featured Guest

Name: Rachel Cottam
What she does: Director of Content
Company: Delivery Solutions
Noteworthy: Former English teacher turned Director of Content Marketing

Available on these platforms:

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