Ben Regier: Build Your Network Before You Need It

January 19, 2024
Content Marketing | Direct | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

Corrina and Taylor are joined by Ben Regier, who heads up Community Marketing at Commsor. You’ve likely heard of Ben or at the very least seen him around LinkedIn. He’s the Networking Guy, often dressed head to toe in Dino gear.

Ben shares his journey through his career shift from sales to marketing—unpacking his values and principles when it comes to building his personal brand and his approach to building relationships in B2B. He shares how his time as a US Marine to being a Starbucks store manager has shaped his perspective on community marketing. Much like Commsor, Ben’s purpose is tied to changing the way we network today.

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Featured Guest

Name: Ben Regier
What he does: Community Marketing
Company: Commsor


Ben Regier: Former US Marine, now a community marketing leader at Commsor, and a cigar aficionado.

Key Insights

Authenticity in Brand Communication

Ben Regier emphasizes the significance of authenticity and trust in brand communication. He highlights the impact of seeing genuine human faces and personalities, rather than just brands speaking at the audience. This approach fosters a deeper connection with the audience, breaking the conventional one-way communication often seen in marketing. Ben’s emphasis on authenticity reflects a shift in marketing strategies where personal engagement and trust are prioritized over traditional advertising methods​​.

Building Personal Relationships and Networking

A crucial insight from Ben is his focus on personal relationships, networking, and being considerate in professional interactions. He speaks about the importance of understanding and empathizing with others in the realm of business networking. This perspective underscores the value of building strong, meaningful relationships in a professional setting, suggesting that successful networking is not just about expanding contacts but also about nurturing genuine, empathetic connections​​.

The Importance of Building a Personal Brand

Ben discusses the need for building a personal brand, particularly in the current digital era. He observes how people leveraging their personal brands on platforms like LinkedIn have opened up numerous opportunities for themselves. This insight highlights the power of personal branding in career development and networking. Ben’s journey in building his brand reflects a proactive approach towards career resilience, emphasizing the need to create a personal network and identity before it becomes a necessity​​.

Episode Highlights

Embracing Authenticity and Internalization

Ben Regier discusses the importance of authenticity in communication, especially when speaking to the camera. He emphasizes internalizing his thoughts and experiences to deliver messages that are genuine and heartfelt. This approach reflects a deeper understanding of how personal authenticity can enhance brand communication and audience engagement. Ben’s commitment to being true to himself and his audience underscores the value of authenticity in today’s marketing landscape.

“I’m currently working on…trying to internalize these things so I can just go and speak from the heart into the camera.”​​

Confronting Imposter Syndrome

A key part of the discussion revolves around overcoming imposter syndrome. Ben shares insights on the importance of being oneself and having a unique teaching point or thesis. This part of the conversation highlights the common challenges professionals face, like imposter syndrome, and the necessity of embracing one’s unique insights and contributions in their field.

“Have something to teach. Have something that’s new…don’t let the imposter syndrome hinder you”​​.

Seeking Guidance from Veteran Marketers

Ben talks about the value of seeking mentorship and guidance, especially from experienced marketers. He admits to the importance of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable individuals to navigate areas where one may lack expertise. This discussion sheds light on the significance of mentorship in professional growth and the humility to acknowledge what one doesn’t know.

“I’m very intentional about surrounding myself with mentors and people that are veteran marketers.”​​

Learning from Unwanted Experiences

An interesting part of the episode involves Ben reflecting on how much of his learning and growth came from doing things he didn’t want to do. This perspective underscores the valuable lessons that can be gleaned from challenging or undesirable experiences, shaping one’s personal and professional journey.

“A lot of this came from doing things how I didn’t want to do them…you kind of learn from what you don’t want to do.”​​

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