Closing one door, opening another for The Anonymous Marketer

October 11, 2023
Anonymous Marketer | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Anonymous Marketer, hosts Justin Brown and Tristan Pelligrino sit down with Nick Bennett, Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder of TACK. They dive into the podcast’s unique format and discuss how traditional interviews have become passé. The trio discusses the power of anonymous questions, making the conversation more relatable and engaging.

Nick Bennett shares his insights on owned media. In a world where platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok can vanish, owned media remains king. Nick also talks about the burgeoning creator economy. B2B brands are keen to collaborate with creators but often don’t know where to start. Nick sheds light on how to lead the charge.

The episode wraps up with a discussion on the essence of podcasting. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about delivering value. The hosts and guests agree: keep it conversational, stay unbiased, and don’t be afraid to take a stand.

Featured Guest

Name: Nick Bennett
What he does: Customer Officer and Co-Founder
Company: TACK
Noteworthy: Expert in owned media and the creator economy

Featured Guest

Key Insights

The Power of Anonymous Questions in Podcasting

In this episode, the hosts and guest Nick Bennett delve into the unique format of The Anonymous Marketer. Traditional interviews are out; anonymous questions are in. This approach makes the conversation more relatable and engaging for the audience. Nick Bennett emphasizes that anonymous questions allow for a more open dialogue, where there’s no right or wrong answer. It creates a gray area that invites diverse perspectives, making the podcast more enriching for both the hosts and the listeners.

Owned Media: The Unsung Hero of Branding

Nick Bennett sheds light on the importance of owned media in today’s volatile digital landscape. Platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok can disappear overnight, making owned media a more reliable avenue for brand building. Nick talks about his own aspirations to build a media network through TACK, highlighting the long-term value and stability that come with owned media channels.

The Rise of the Creator Economy in B2B

The episode also explores the burgeoning creator economy. Nick Bennett points out that many B2B brands want to collaborate with creators but often don’t know where to start. He predicts mass adoption of creator collaborations in the B2B space over the next two years. Nick offers insights on how B2B brands can lead the charge by activating effective strategies to work with creators.

Episode Highlights

The Evolution from “Rep Your Brand” to “The Anonymous Marketer” 

Tristan Pelligrino and Nick Bennett discuss the evolution of the podcast from its original format, “Rep Your Brand,” to its current incarnation, “The Anonymous Marketer.” The shift was driven by a desire for more meaningful conversations and a different approach to engaging the audience.  

“But you got to a point where you wanted to pivot the show and you know, it kind of had reached that point to where you didn’t feel like you were learning as much. And so with that mindset, we pivoted to The Anonymous Marketer.”

The Challenge of Balancing Anonymous Questions

Nick Bennett talks about the challenges he faced when incorporating anonymous questions into the podcast. The format required a different approach to conversation, making it more difficult to navigate than traditional interviews.  

“Yeah, I think it was more of just figuring out the way to not — like there was no right or wrong answer but like when I had guests on it was more about sharing their experiences and like that’s a little bit tougher.”

The Importance of Consistency in Branding

Nick Bennett emphasizes the importance of consistency in personal branding. He mentions how he has pivoted his focus over the years but has maintained a consistent presence, which has been key to his success.  

“So many people drop off over time. And, I’ve pivoted over what I’ve talked about over the course of the years and like, do I talk as much about marketing now? I mean, I sprinkle in some stuff.”

The Value of Taking a Stand in Conversations

The episode concludes with a discussion on the importance of taking a stand in conversations. Nick advises not to be afraid of taking a side, as it adds depth and authenticity to the dialogue.  

“And don’t be afraid to, like, stand for something. And like, just kind of, you know, not be afraid to, like, take one side. Like, just stay non-biased.”

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