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September 27, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | On Camera On Brand

Episode Summary

In this episode of On Camera On Brand, host Rob Ruscher sits down with Darren Lee from Voics. Darren dives deep into the significance of retention as a pivotal metric for content creators. He shares a revelation about how skipping podcast intros drastically improved his content’s retention rate, challenging conventional podcasting norms.

Darren’s podcasting journey is a testament to perseverance and continuous growth. He candidly discusses the challenges he faced, emphasizing the importance of consistent improvement over chasing perfection. His approach to content creation is rooted in the belief that it’s about the journey, not just the destination.

Starting as a career-focused podcast, Darren’s initial motivation was networking and career progression. However, as he evolved, so did his content, transitioning from career-centric topics to a broader spectrum, reflecting his growth and diverse interests.

Featured Guest

Name: Darren Lee
What he does: Founder & CEO
Company: Voics
Noteworthy: Darren Lee: Software engineer turned podcaster, driven by growth over perfection.

Key Insights

The Power of Retention in Content Creation

Darren Lee underscores the paramount importance of retention as a metric for content creators. While many chase views or likes, Darren believes that retention is the “holy grail” of metrics. It’s a true indicator of how engaging and valuable your content is to your audience. He shares a personal revelation about how skipping podcast intros led to a significant boost in his content’s retention rate. This challenges the conventional norms of podcasting and emphasizes the need to constantly adapt based on audience behavior.

The Journey of Continuous Improvement

Darren’s podcasting journey is a testament to his belief in continuous growth. He emphasizes the importance of consistent improvement over chasing perfection. For Darren, it’s not about having the perfect episode or the perfect setup; it’s about making small changes with each episode to get better. This mindset has not only shaped his podcasting approach but also his life, emphasizing the journey over the destination.

Podcasting as a Networking and Career Tool

Starting with a career-focused podcast, Darren initially used podcasting as a tool for networking and career progression. He wanted to move between roles and saw podcasting as a means to connect with influential figures in various industries. However, as his interests evolved, so did his content. This transition from a career-centric podcast to broader topics reflects Darren’s growth and adaptability in the content creation space.

Episode Highlights

The Unexpected Meeting with Justin

Darren recounts a memorable episode he had with Justin Waller. He describes the anticipation of meeting Justin in person after only communicating via email. The spontaneity of their meeting led to a genuine and engaging 90-minute episode, emphasizing the importance of creating unique experiences for listeners.

“And I said, ‘Hey Justin, lovely to meet you. I’ll be recording with you today.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, we’re recording a podcast in five minutes.’ And then we just recorded like six sessions. It was really, really good.”

Embracing Technical Mastery

Rob and Darren discuss the importance of mastering the technical aspects of their respective fields. Rob shares his realization that embracing the technical side of cinematography opened doors to bigger opportunities, emphasizing the need to balance intuition with technical knowledge.

“I feel like that’s such a key point to like getting to the next level in some ways. “Because I, in my cinematography career, I have a very similar story where I felt like I was hitting a ceiling. And I wasn’t getting like the bigger jobs. I wasn’t getting on the big sets that I wanted to. And for some reason, in my mind I was just like, nah, I don’t want to be too techie.”

The Shift to In-Person Podcasting

Darren and Rob discuss the tangible benefits of in-person podcasting. Despite the convenience of remote setups, there’s an undeniable human element and flow in face-to-face interactions that enhances the quality of the content. Darren highlights the differences in analytics between remote and in-person episodes.

“There’s the human element; there’s um, better flow of communication. We don’t wanna have headsets and whatnot, it’s a very natural conversation.”

Darren’s Morning Routine and Work Ethic

Darren delves into his rigorous morning routine, emphasizing the importance of discipline and consistency. He shares how he sent a hundred voice notes early in the morning, followed by an intense workout session, showcasing his dedication to his craft and personal growth.

“Yesterday I sent a hundred voice notes at five o’clock in the morning. By the time I finished it was seven, I was exhausted. Exhausted. So then at that point, kick into workout mode, and this is when I’ll train.”

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