Courtney Duprey: Using Niche Topics as the Foundation of High-Quality Video Content 

October 3, 2023
Content Marketing | Direct | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of Direct with Corrina and Taylor, the hosts engage in a deep dive with Courtney Duprey from Insightly. Courtney shares her experiences and strategies in podcast production, shedding light on the importance of time management and the benefits of running a “one-man band” operation. She also discusses the role of AI tools like ChatGPT in streamlining her workflow, saving her significant time in content creation.

The conversation then shifts to the art of content repurposing. Courtney emphasizes the value of creating versatile content that can be consumed in various formats, catering to the preferences of the audience. She also shares her approach to transforming transcripts into engaging, professional content.

Finally, Courtney, Corrina, and Taylor discuss the challenges of measuring brand awareness. Courtney highlights the importance of SEO-optimized landing pages and the role they play in driving traffic and increasing the visibility of her content. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in podcast production and content strategy.

Featured Guest

Name: Courtney Duprey
What she does: Senior Marketing Specialist
Company: Insightly
Noteworthy: Courtney Duprey, a video producer turned content marketer, started her career editing videos for an IT training company. After a few years, she found her passion shifting towards content marketing, where she was able to leverage her video skills and broaden her experience with content writing and social media management. Currently, she manages social media for Insightly CRM and produces their video series and podcast. Interestingly, Courtney used to compete in go-kart races when she was younger, attributing this to her competitive nature.

Key Insights

The Power of Repurposing Content

Courtney emphasizes the importance of repurposing content to reach a wider audience. After initially launching their video series, Insightly decided to adapt the content into a podcast format. This decision was driven by the understanding that different audience members prefer different content formats. By repurposing the content, they were able to cater to those who prefer to listen rather than watch. Additionally, they created SEO-optimized landing pages for each episode, which have become some of the top-performing pages on their website. This multi-pronged approach to content distribution has helped them increase their brand visibility and reach.

The Value of Employee Advocacy

Courtney highlights the role of employee advocacy in content marketing. She shares how their CSO, Dave Osborne, not only hosted the podcast but also actively engaged in content creation on LinkedIn. His involvement served as a model for the sales team, encouraging them to build their own networks and establish themselves as thought leaders. This approach has helped to amplify the reach of their content and strengthen their brand presence on LinkedIn.


The Importance of Experimentation

Courtney discusses how Insightly’s CEO was open to trying new things, even if they didn’t directly drive revenue. This mindset allowed them to experiment with the video series, which was a new venture for the company. The CEO’s hands-off approach and trust in the marketing team’s capabilities fostered a culture of innovation and agility. This environment enabled the team to quickly implement new ideas and adapt their strategies based on what worked and what didn’t.

Episode Highlights

The Power of Social Engagement

Courtney discusses the importance of social engagement in promoting their podcast episodes. She explains how she provided short clips from the episodes to the guests, which they could then use to promote the episode on their own social media platforms. This strategy not only boosted engagement on their posts but also provided them with engaging content for their social content strategy.

“So that really helped boost engagement on their posts, and they were also able to use it as part of their social content strategy as well.”

The Benefits of Running a “One-Man Band”

Courtney discusses the benefits of running a “one-man band” when it comes to post-production of the episodes. She explains how managing all aspects of the production process herself, from graphics to video editing, allows her to work on her own schedule and meet her own deadlines.

“Being able to do it all myself, I have my own deadlines and my own timeline, and I can make sure that I get everything done when I need to.”

The Importance of Focused Content

Courtney discusses the importance of creating focused content. She explains how they aim to highlight their target audience and be considerate of their time, focusing on three to five key points in each episode.

“But now in a podcast format, at least it is easier to consume and it’s really just focused on a niche topic, straight to the point. And then, move on to the next one.”

The Challenges of Measuring Brand Awareness

Courtney discusses the challenges of measuring brand awareness. She explains how they initially tracked a variety of metrics, from LinkedIn post impressions to YouTube views, but found that pulling this data was time-consuming. They have since shifted to measuring podcast downloads and traffic to their episode landing pages.

“Brand awareness is hard to measure, but we’re measuring traffic to the webpages and then podcast downloads currently.”

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