Getting Comfortable Hosting Live Events + Why You Should — With Lindsay McGuire

December 25, 2023
Anonymous Marketer | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Anonymous Marketer, host Kirsti Lang engages with Lindsay McGuire from Goldcast. They dive into the nuances of hosting marketing events, a skill increasingly vital in today’s digital landscape. Lindsay, balancing her role as a mother and a professional, shares insights from her journey.

The conversation begins with a focus on the importance of technical preparation for events, emphasizing the need for tech checks to avoid chaos. Kirsti and Lindsay then touch on the challenges and joys of parenting, a shared experience that adds a personal touch to the discussion.

Lindsay’s background in journalism and her transition to content marketing form a significant part of the conversation. Her journey from aspiring news anchor to a key player in event marketing illustrates the adaptability and skills transferable between journalism and marketing. This episode not only explores the technical aspects of event hosting but also dives into the personal growth and career evolution of a marketing professional.

Featured Guest

Name: Lindsay McGuire
What she does: Associate Director of Content and Campaigns
Company: Goldcast
Noteworthy: Lindsay McGuire: Journalist turned content marketer with a strong event hosting skillset.

Key Insights

The Critical Role of Technical Preparation in Event Hosting

Lindsay McGuire emphasizes the importance of technical preparation for successful event hosting. She advises that even if time constraints prevent a full content prep call with a speaker, conducting a tech check remains crucial. This approach helps in averting potential technical issues that could lead to chaos during the event. Lindsay’s insight underlines the need for meticulous planning and readiness in the technical aspects of event management, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for both speakers and attendees. This focus on technical preparedness is a key takeaway for marketers looking to excel in the digital event space.

The Interplay of Parenting and Professional Life

In a candid exchange, Kirsti Lang and Lindsay McGuire discuss the challenges and complexities of balancing motherhood with a professional career. They share personal experiences, reflecting on the demanding nature of parenting and its impact on their work lives. This conversation highlights the reality many professionals face, juggling family responsibilities with career ambitions. It brings a human element to the podcast, resonating with listeners who navigate similar life situations. Their discussion serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding in the workplace, especially for working parents.

Transition from Journalism to Content Marketing

Lindsay’s career journey from journalism to content marketing offers valuable insights into skill transferability. Initially aspiring to be a news anchor, she realized the lifestyle didn’t align with her goals and pivoted to content marketing. Her background in journalism, particularly in interviewing and storytelling, proved advantageous in her new role. This transition highlights how skills acquired in one field can be effectively applied in another. Lindsay’s story is an inspiration for professionals considering a career shift, demonstrating that adaptability and leveraging existing skills can lead to success in new domains.

Episode Highlights

The Importance of Practice

Lindsay McGuire emphasizes the paramount importance of practice when it comes to honing your skills as a live event host. She advises that practice is the key to building confidence and competence in this role. While practicing, it’s essential to strike a balance between preparation and spontaneity, ensuring that you’re well-prepared without sounding overly scripted. Lindsay believes that through consistent practice, you can become a more engaging and authentic host.

“If you’re doing a TEDx talk or keynote for a live in person event with 5,000 attendees, you should probably be pretty close to perfect. […] But if you’re at a digital event and you’re hosting a nice, engaging, personable event, it’s okay to not be perfect. And if you come off too perfect, it’s gonna be robotic, it’s gonna come off unauthentic, maybe even boring.”

Creating a Confidence-Boosting Setup

Lindsay McGuire also underscores the significance of crafting a confidence-boosting setup for hosting live events. This encompasses various elements, from optimizing your physical environment and lighting to ensuring excellent sound quality and designing an appealing background. The idea is that when you feel good about your setup, you’re more likely to exude confidence as a host. It sets the stage for a seamless and professional presentation, helping you connect with your audience more effectively.

“I think part of it is just building a setup that makes you feel confident and makes you look great.”

Building Confidence and Comfort as a Host

Lindsay emphasizes the importance of preparing not only the content but also your appearance and comfort before hosting a live event. She shares practical tips, such as finding makeup or styles that make you feel confident and conducting tech checks with your guests to avoid any technical issues during the event.

“Find what really is going to speak to you and bring you that passion and energy and peace and joy. And then that will just make you feel more confident at the end of the day.”

The Power of Prep Calls and Tech Checks

Lindsay highlights the significance of prep calls and tech checks in ensuring a smooth live event. She emphasizes the importance of providing guests with information and guidance well in advance to make them feel comfortable with the platform and the content they’ll be discussing.

“Tech checks are crucial because that will make or break you in a live event. If you are about to go at 2 PM and your guest is not backstage at 01:58, you’re going to be like, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, what do I do?”

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