How Small B2B Teams Are Leveraging Paid Media

May 16, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker welcome Nick Lafferty, a freelance growth marketing consultant and the founder of Early Exit Club. They dive into the essentials of building effective paid marketing programs, especially for small teams with limited resources. Nick shares his expertise on how businesses at various stages can utilize paid advertising to accelerate their growth and optimize their marketing efforts.

Nick’s Approach to Paid Advertising

Nick Lafferty discusses the strategic importance of selecting the right marketing channels based on a company’s development stage. He highlights the quick feedback mechanism provided by paid advertising, such as Google Ads and LinkedIn, which allows companies to test and adjust their marketing strategies efficiently. Nick points out that this approach is particularly beneficial for small teams that may not have the budget or resources to engage in more traditional, slower-yielding marketing methods.

Integration of Paid and Organic Marketing Efforts

Throughout the conversation, Nick emphasizes the synergy between paid and organic marketing efforts. He advises listeners on how to leverage successful SEO content and repurpose it into paid campaigns, focusing particularly on challenging keywords that can benefit from additional paid promotion. This strategy not only enhances the visibility of existing content but also improves conversion rates by targeting more precisely.

Advice on Budgeting and Scaling Marketing Efforts

Nick shares practical advice on how to budget for paid ads and scale marketing efforts without overwhelming the budget or diluting the message. He discusses common pitfalls in paid advertising and offers recommendations on how to avoid them. By starting with targeted, smaller campaigns and gradually increasing the budget based on proven success, companies can manage their marketing expenditures more effectively while maximizing their return on investment.


The episode wraps up with Nick encouraging businesses to experiment with different paid channels to find what works best for their specific needs. He underscores the importance of being proactive in communication and setting realistic expectations with stakeholders about the timelines for seeing results from paid advertising efforts. For anyone looking to enhance their marketing strategies through paid channels, Nick’s insights provide a valuable roadmap.

Featured Guest

Name: Nick Lafferty
What he does: Founder
Company: Early Exit Club
Noteworthy: Nick Lafferty specializes in demand generation and building paid programs from scratch.

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