How to Design an Event Strategy for a Small Marketing Team

February 27, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In the latest episode of Tech Qualified, host Meredith Metsker welcomed Lindsay McGuire, Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast. The conversation centered around designing effective event strategies for small marketing teams.

Meredith and Lindsay dived into the various aspects of event planning and execution. Lindsay emphasized the importance of clear goals and understanding the purpose behind each event. She shared insights on how events can serve multiple purposes – from fueling a community strategy to building a brand and supporting sales efforts. Lindsay highlighted the flexibility of events, noting their ability to cover a lot of ground without a huge team.

Another key point discussed was the integration of events into a broader content strategy. Lindsay pointed out the potential of events in generating diverse content. She illustrated how a single hour of event time could be transformed into hundreds of content pieces, thus providing a continuous stream of material for marketing efforts.

The discussion also touched upon the significance of adapting event strategies as per the changing needs of the business and audience. Lindsay advised that if the goals and KPIs derived from events do not align with the overall business objectives, it might be time to rethink, refresh, or even conclude the event strategy.

Throughout the episode, Lindsay provided practical advice for small marketing teams looking to leverage events for maximum impact. Her insights offered a comprehensive view of how events can be much more than just gatherings – they can be pivotal in driving marketing success for small teams.

Featured Guest

Name: Lindsay McGuire
What she does: Associate Director of Content and Campaigns
Company: Goldcast
Noteworthy: Lindsay was involved in creating and growing the show “Event Marketers Live,” which has been successfully running for two years​​.

Available on these platforms:

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