How to Get a Raise – With Ashley Louise

January 10, 2024
Anonymous Marketer | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Anonymous Marketer, host Kirsti Lang talks with Ashley Louise, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ladies Get Paid. They delve into the challenges and strategies of salary negotiations, especially in uncertain economic times.

Ashley shares her insights on navigating layoffs and advocating for fair pay, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and effective communication. She discusses the mission of Ladies Get Paid, highlighting its role in empowering women in the workplace.

The conversation also covers practical tips for professionals facing tough career decisions, offering guidance on how to approach salary discussions and workplace dynamics. This episode provides valuable perspectives for anyone looking to advance their career and negotiate effectively.

Featured Guest

Name: Ashley Louise
What she does: Co-Founder & CEO
Company: Ladies Get Paid
Noteworthy: Ashley Louise is recognized for championing women in their professional and financial lives, notably addressing challenges in salary negotiations and career advancement.

Key Insights

Understanding Context in Salary Negotiations

Ashley emphasizes the importance of understanding the context of a situation, especially in challenging times like company layoffs. She advises approaching salary discussions with awareness of the company’s current state and suggests seeking solutions that are realistic and beneficial for both parties. Kirsti highlights this approach as putting on one’s “EQ cap,” stressing the significance of knowing your audience in any marketing strategy, which is equally applicable in salary discussions.

The Importance of Clarity in Career Conversations

Both Ashley and Kirsti stress the importance of clarity in discussions about career goals and expectations. Often, goals and outputs may not be clearly defined by managers, leading to a lack of direction and recognition. Ashley advocates for leaving every conversation with a clear takeaway or action item, ensuring both parties have a mutual understanding and set objectives to work towards.

Taking Control of Your Career and Salary

Ashley Louise advises taking proactive control over one’s career and salary. She suggests that if you are not satisfied with your current salary, you should either negotiate with your manager or consider looking for new job opportunities. Constant communication about career progress with your manager is crucial, as it increases the likelihood of promotion and helps avoid leaving money on the table due to inaction or lack of communication.

Episode Highlights

Adjusting Salary Negotiation Tactics Based on Company Context

Ashley emphasizes the importance of tailoring salary negotiation tactics based on the company’s current situation, such as layoffs or record-breaking results. She advises against aggressive ultimatums, advocating for a more nuanced, ongoing dialogue that understands the company’s context.

“The conversation is going to be a lot different if half the company just got laid off versus, let’s say, you work for a publicly traded company, and you just posted record breaking quarterly results.”​

Navigating Negotiation Styles: Beer vs. Red Bull Moments

Ashley introduces the concept of ‘Beer vs. Red Bull moments’ in salary negotiations. She explains that a ‘Beer moment’ requires a more relaxed approach, taking time to reflect, whereas a ‘Red Bull moment’ is about being assertive and direct. This metaphor encapsulates the need to adapt negotiation strategies based on the situation.

“Like a ‘Beer moment’ is when you need to just like take a step back and take a breather, and a ‘Red Bull moment’ is when you’re like knuckle down and just go for it.”​

Creating Tangible Outcomes from Manager Conversations

Ashley discusses the importance of having productive conversations with managers, focusing on achieving at least one tangible outcome. She suggests discussing aspects like professional development budgets, adding equity, or setting dates for future conversations to ensure progress.

“Making it an ongoing conversation is the best thing that you can do and talking to your manager about it to be like, ‘Hey, this is not good for me right now. This ain’t working. What can we do here?’”​

Gender and Language in Salary Negotiations

Ashley delves into the impact of gender and language in salary negotiations. She observes how societal norms often lead women to underplay their achievements, contrasting with men who might emphasize their individual contributions.

“A lot of times we ascribe men’s success because they say ‘I’ instead of ‘we,’ right? Like women are socialized to not brag. We’re socialized to be team players, right?”​

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