How to leverage B2B influencer with a small team

June 13, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this engaging episode of “Tech Qualified,” hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Medsker welcome Drew Moffitt from Kumospace to discuss the innovative application of virtual office spaces and influencer marketing in the B2B sector. The episode dives into how Kumospace has adapted to the changing demands of the workforce, especially in response to the global shift towards remote work catalyzed by the pandemic.

Revolutionizing Remote Work with Virtual Office Spaces

Drew shares insights on how Kumospace is transforming remote work by creating virtual environments that replicate the physical office experience. These spaces are designed to enhance collaboration and productivity among remote teams by providing a platform where interactions are as natural and spontaneous as they would be in a traditional office setting. Drew explains, “Our typical user of Kumospace is now spending 7-8 hours a day in there,” highlighting the platform’s effectiveness and user engagement.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing in B2B

The conversation shifts to how Kumospace utilizes influencer marketing to reach their target audience more effectively. Drew discusses the strategic approach to selecting influencers whose authenticity and creative freedom help in crafting content that resonates with the audience, thereby driving engagement and conversions. He illustrates this by saying, “I can’t tell you that this video will go viral, but it’s a little more like counting cards at a blackjack table.”

Measuring the Impact of Marketing Efforts

Drew also touches on the challenges of measuring the direct impact of influencer marketing campaigns on sales and revenue. He shares the internal debates and methodologies Kumospace employs to attribute conversions and engagements back to specific marketing initiatives, acknowledging the difficulties but also the successes of their innovative approach.


Throughout the episode, the discussions provide listeners with a deep dive into the practical aspects of implementing modern solutions in traditional business processes. The insights shared by Drew Moffitt not only showcase Kumospace’s pioneering work in virtual office development and influencer marketing but also offer valuable lessons on adaptation and innovation in business strategies. Listeners are encouraged to check out this episode of “Tech Qualified” to learn more about the future of work and marketing.

Featured Guest

Name: Drew Moffit
What he does: Head of Marketing
Company: Kumospace
Noteworthy: Drew Moffitt has been with Kumospace for over three years, focusing on influencer marketing strategies.

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