How to Use Asynchronous Recordings in Your Content Program

May 31, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, hosts  Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker chat with Stephen Robles of Riverside about asynchronous recording technologies. The discussion kicks off with an overview of Riverside’s features designed to ease recording processes for busy professionals. Stephen explains how the platform allows for recording without requiring all participants to be online simultaneously, a boon for busy CEOs and subject matter experts.

The conversation dives into specific functionalities of Riverside, such as creating links for asynchronous recording, which simplifies the collection of high-quality audio and video content. This feature is particularly beneficial for journalists and businesses needing testimonials without coordinating schedules. Stephen highlights the intuitive user interface that guides users through the recording process, ensuring quality submissions with minimal technical know-how.

Towards the end, the podcast covers Riverside’s innovative approach to content creation and its potential applications in various fields, including marketing and education. Stephen discusses upcoming features and enhancements that streamline the editing process, enabling users to produce polished content directly within Riverside. This episode is a must-listen for professionals looking to leverage technology for more efficient content creation and management.

Featured Guest

Name: Stephen Robles
What he does: Video Producer
Company: Riverside
Noteworthy: Stephen Robles from Riverside specializes in asynchronous recording technologies for diverse professional use.

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