How You Should Build Your Small, Scrappy Marketing Team

February 12, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this Tech Qualified episode, Meredith Metsker and Justin Brown discuss the complexities of building a marketing team. Justin shares insights from an interview with Tory Kendlick, VP of Marketing at Corti. They dive into the importance of balancing technical skills and content marketing. Justin emphasizes that while content is crucial, a team’s success hinges on a diverse skill set. He highlights Tory’s approach at Corti, where he combined his technical background with content expertise.

Manufacturing Credibility in New Markets

A significant part of the discussion revolves around entering new markets. Justin talks about the challenge of establishing credibility, particularly in sectors where one lacks expertise. He shares Tory’s strategy at Corti, where he paired in-house product leaders with external experts like doctors for podcasts and articles. This method, Justin notes, is effective in building trust and authority in unfamiliar markets.

Leveraging Interviews for Effective Marketing

Justin and Meredith further discuss the power of interviews in marketing. Justin explains how conducting interviews not only aids in gathering information but also enhances the quality of marketing materials. By engaging with customers, prospects, or subject matter experts, marketers can gain deeper insights, leading to more targeted and effective campaigns.


The episode concludes with a focus on the importance of expert interviews in creating authentic marketing content. Justin compares this approach to journalism, where interviews with subject matter experts are crucial for producing quality content. He argues that direct engagement with experts leads to more authentic and impactful marketing, emphasizing the need for such interactions in effective content creation.

Featured Guest

Name: Justin Brown
What he does: Co-Owner
Company: New North
Noteworthy: Justin Brown: Content expert and firm believer in strategic content planning​​.

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