Jolie Shaprio: Apply ABM Principles to Get Your Next Job Offer

April 3, 2024
Content Marketing | Direct | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In the engaging episode of Direct with Corrina & Taylor, hosts Corrina Owens and Taylor Young sit down with guest Jolie Shapiro, a seasoned B2B marketer with a passion for podcasting and mental health. Jolie shares her comprehensive journey through the job market, offering listeners a unique perspective on leveraging technology and networking to land opportunities. The episode kicks off with Jolie discussing the initial challenges of the job search process and how she adapted by incorporating innovative tools like Enhancv to tailor her resume for specific roles, thereby streamlining her applications and increasing effectiveness.

Corrina and Taylor dive deeper into Jolie’s strategies, exploring the importance of personal branding and targeted networking. Jolie emphasizes the value of informational interviews and choosing industries that align with personal passions, such as healthcare and music for her. This part of the conversation illuminates how intentional networking can open doors to competitive fields and underscores the significance of knowing one’s strengths and interests.

A highlight of the episode is Jolie’s discussion on the impact of having a professional portfolio. She recounts how her portfolio set her apart from hundreds of applicants in the eyes of recruiters, advocating for the power of showcasing tangible skills and achievements. This advice is particularly pertinent for marketing professionals and anyone looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded job market.

Towards the episode’s conclusion, Jolie offers her dos and don’ts for job seekers, advising against unnecessary resume writing services and stressing the effectiveness of using AI tools judiciously. Her story, rich with insights and practical advice, serves as a blueprint for navigating the modern job search landscape. 

Direct with Corrina & Taylor listeners are treated to an episode filled with valuable takeaways, encapsulating the blend of human insight and technological advancement in the pursuit of career opportunities. Jolie’s experience and strategies shared in this episode provide a roadmap for job seekers navigating the complexities of the market today.

Featured Guest

Name: Jolie Shapiro
What she does: Marketing Consultant

Noteworthy: Jolie Shapiro is a B2B marketer and podcast host with experience at 6sense, Onclusive, and American Express.

Key Insights

Navigating the Job Market with Strategy

Jolie Shapiro shares her proactive approach to job hunting, emphasizing the importance of being strategic and utilizing AI tools for resume and cover letter customization. Her method involves targeting specific industries and roles, showcasing the significance of personalized job search tactics.

The Power of a Personal Brand

Jolie discusses the crucial role of a personal brand in the job search process. By clearly articulating what one stands for and can offer to potential employers, candidates can distinguish themselves in a crowded market, demonstrating the impact of a strong personal narrative.

Leveraging Technology in Job Applications

Highlighting the use of technological tools like Enhancv for tailoring resumes and for presentations, Jolie underscores the advantage of integrating technology to streamline the application process. These tools not only save time but also enhance the quality of job applications, making them more appealing to recruiters.

Episode Highlights

The Journey to Making Job Applications More Efficient

Jolie shares her innovative approach to job applications by leveraging tools like Enhancv, which tailors resumes to job descriptions, and her strategy of reaching out to recruiters. This approach showcases how she utilized technology and personal networks to stand out in a competitive job market. 

“I multi-threaded. So I use LinkedIn, Ladders, and Indeed […] I also just found this nifty tool called Enhancv…it tailors your resume to the job description.”

Personal Branding and Networking Strategies

Jolie emphasizes the importance of personal branding and networking. She details her method of targeting specific industries and conducting informational interviews to break into competitive fields like healthcare and music. 

“I’ve been targeting healthcare companies because I’m really into mental health […] and the music industry to get back into music. So I have my verticals […] and I’ve been just doing coffee chats.”

The Impact of a Portfolio in Job Searches

Here, Jolie discusses the significant advantage of having a portfolio during job applications, especially in creative and strategic roles. She notes that having a portfolio made her stand out among hundreds of applicants and recommends that everyone in revenue roles should consider having one. 

“The recruiter where I got the offer said you were the only one that had a portfolio […] And that said a lot.”

Embracing AI and Human Elements in Job Hunting

This part focuses on Jolie’s perspective on balancing AI tools with human elements in job hunting. She suggests using AI for resumes and cover letters but stresses the importance of personalization and human interaction in later stages of the application process. 

“AI for the resumes and cover letters […] but where it becomes personalized is you really want to know who the company is, who you’re talking to.”

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