Kim Pitsko: 1:1 ABM Campaigns at Scale

May 21, 2024
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Episode Summary

Are your ABM campaigns personalized or are they using the status quo framework we’ve all seen? Kim Pitsko, Head of Performance and Enablement at CINC Systems, joins the show to share her playbook for tackling 1:1 ABM campaigns at scale.

Kim shared the channels and tactics that are helping her go-to-market team win today by taking a highly personalized experience that shows her buyers that her brand understands their needs better than the competition.

Looking to get inspired for your next 1:1 ABM program? This episode is for you.

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Featured Guest

Name: Kim Pitsko

What he does: Head of Performance & Enablement

Company: CINC Systems

Noteworthy: Avid runner, recently completed first marathon, advocates for LGBTQ+ rights

Key Insights

Sales and marketing collaboration is crucial for ABM success

Building a strong partnership between sales and marketing is essential for identifying the right target accounts and crafting effective ABM campaigns. Instead of solely relying on sales to choose accounts, leverage data and insights from both teams to pinpoint high-potential prospects who are already engaged with your brand and likely to convert. This collaborative approach ensures that your ABM efforts are strategic, focused, and yield the best possible results.

One-to-one ABM campaigns require going beyond superficial personalization

To truly capture the attention of key decision-makers, move beyond simply adding logos and names to your marketing materials. Instead, focus on creating unique and valuable experiences that address each account’s specific needs and pain points. This could involve showcasing custom-branded product demos, developing tailored content that speaks to their industry challenges, or providing exclusive access to resources and insights.

Don’t let perfectionism hinder your ABM progress.

While delivering high-quality content is important, avoid getting bogged down in the pursuit of perfection. Trust in your expertise, the collaborative process, and the insights you’ve gathered about your target accounts. Be willing to experiment, iterate, and learn from your results. Remember, sometimes a campaign with a minor imperfection can still resonate deeply with your audience and achieve outstanding results.

Episode Highlights

Choosing the Right Accounts for One-to-One Campaigns

Selecting the appropriate accounts for your one-to-one ABM campaigns is crucial for maximizing your return on investment. Kim emphasizes the importance of looking beyond just the size of the account and considering factors such as engagement level, buying intent, and potential lifetime value. By strategically selecting accounts that are likely to convert and have a significant impact on your revenue goals, you can ensure the success of your one-to-one efforts.

“You should never just simply go to sales and be like, ‘pick the accounts you want to do this campaign.’ Because sales know, they know a lot… but they know who are the big accounts that’s gonna bring in the money. They don’t know who’s most likely to engage.”

Aligning ABM with Sales Incentives and President’s Club

Kim discusses the innovative approach of incorporating ABM goals into the company’s President’s Club program. This strategy incentivizes sales development representatives to prioritize high-value accounts and actively participate in one-to-one campaigns. By aligning sales incentives with ABM objectives, you can foster collaboration, boost engagement, and drive significant revenue growth.

“…my initial proposal was actually to do like, um, some commission based off of whether or not something closed winds as opposed to like, um, in addition to having the meeting held. Um, but my boss and rightfully so he pushed back on that because he felt that that kind of, um, that kind of commission structure would derail the motivation to continue getting meetings booked from other accounts.”

Measuring Success and Iterating Based on Results

To ensure the effectiveness of your one-to-one ABM campaigns, it’s crucial to track key performance indicators and make adjustments based on your findings. Kim highlights the importance of monitoring engagement metrics, pipeline value, and conversion rates to gauge the success of each campaign. By analyzing these results, you can identify what’s working, what’s not, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your ABM strategy.

“Yeah, it was definitely about the engagement with the content and also like what led to getting the prospect in the pipeline. And we were able to see that like, there were the ones that nearly ever in phase one, nearly every prospect got into the pipeline within like two months, except for one account.”

Embracing Imperfection and Taking Action

Kim encourages marketers to let go of perfectionism and focus on taking action. She stresses that while high-quality content is important, it’s more crucial to get your message out there and engage with your target accounts. By embracing imperfection and adopting a “done is better than perfect” mindset, you can avoid delays, accelerate your ABM efforts, and achieve greater success.

“…I think there’s this very traditional approach of you write your brief, you have a copywriter come in, you have a designer come in, you have round one, round two, then final round, et cetera. That process is not going to work if you want to scale very quickly in one to ones and one to fuses. You have to trust that your content is going to work because you’ve collaborated so much with sales and that you know the ins and outs of this prospect.”

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