Lee Moskowitz: Generating Leads with Ebooks in 2024

February 9, 2024
Content Marketing | Direct | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

You might be wondering, why are we chatting about ebooks still in 2024? Corrina and Taylor are joined by Lee Moskowitz for a chat about how ebooks can still be effective lead-generation assets and how to get the most out of them.

Lee talks through the creation of the RevOps Salary Guide, which came by way of social listening and research. He recognized this was a topic that his audience was craving but wasn’t being served. Lee’s strategic approach involved both gated and ungated content, as well as how to nurture them effectively.

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Featured Guest

Name: Lee Moskowitz
What he does: Podcast Host
Company: Lee2B

Noteworthy: Lee Moskowitz: A dynamic marketer, host of the B2B-focused ‘Lee2B’ podcast, and an expert in demand generation, actively seeking new opportunities.

Key Insights

RevOps Salary Guide: Merging Expertise and Market Demand

In a notable segment, Lee discusses the creation of the RevOps Salary Guide. By conducting social listening and research, he developed a resource providing salary benchmarks for roles from RevOp Specialist to CRO. The guide was enriched with career insights from subject matter experts, including CROs and RevOps managers, who contributed their experiences and advice. Lee’s strategic approach involved both gated and ungated content, balancing information accessibility with lead generation objectives. This innovative campaign showcases the importance of aligning content with market needs and expert insights​​.

Effective Campaign Design: Beyond Just Lead Generation

Lee emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s audience through ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and buyer persona research. He underscores the necessity of targeted and clear audience segmentation, suggesting that content created for everyone effectively reaches no one. Additionally, he highlights the importance of collaboration with sales and customer service teams, underlining the need for strategic alignment in campaign execution. This insight stresses the importance of precision and collaboration in marketing campaigns, ensuring they resonate with the intended audience and align with broader business goals​​.

The Art of Lead Nurturing: Engagement Beyond Initial Contact

A critical insight from Lee revolves around the importance of not just generating leads but nurturing them effectively. He explains that the goal is to encourage RevOps professionals to opt into the database and engage with the content. The process involves tagging leads appropriately, ensuring proper follow-ups, and strategic lead routing. Lee’s perspective challenges the conventional approach to lead generation, advocating for a more nuanced and sustainable strategy that focuses on meaningful engagement rather than just accumulating contacts​​.

Episode Highlights

Enhancing Lead Quality through Scoring and Nurturing 

Lee Moskowitz discusses the importance of nurturing and scoring leads in lead generation. He emphasizes that simply gathering leads isn’t enough; it’s crucial to nurture them and assess their quality through scoring. This process ensures that only high-quality, marketing-qualified leads are passed on to sales, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the lead generation process.

“We got leads, we scored them, and now they’ve done enough marketing qualified actions where I think it’s actually worth sales as time to reach out.”​​

Crafting Successful Lead Generation Campaigns 

Lee shares his approach to lead generation campaigns, highlighting the importance of aligning lead generation with demand generation and growth marketing. He stresses the need for a well-thought-out strategy that includes understanding the audience, creating quality content, and ensuring alignment across marketing and sales.

“Before I even get into the actual campaign, here is what I wanted to make sure my campaign included. Because this to me is what a successful lead gen campaign includes.”​​

Reviving Lead Generation with Innovative Strategies 

Lee argues against the notion that lead generation is outdated. He suggests that it’s not the concept of lead generation that’s obsolete, but rather outdated and lazy methods. He advocates for innovative and strategic lead generation tactics that effectively drive revenue.

“Lead gen done the correct way, done the successful way, is something that can lead to revenue.”​​

The Downfall of Generic Content in Lead Generation 

Lee criticizes the use of generic content in lead generation, particularly in ebooks and gated content. He points out that such content often fails to involve subject matter experts, leading to a high volume of low-quality leads and friction between marketing and sales teams.

“Shi*y lead gen is and shi*y ebooks are dead.”​

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