Marketing 101: How to Get Started as a Bootstrapped Founder – With Sara Jensen

March 5, 2024
Anonymous Marketer | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Anonymous Marketer, host Kirsti Lang welcomes Sara Jensen from Brighter Messaging. They dive into the nuances of marketing strategies that stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Sara shares insights on targeting the right audience and the importance of a solid marketing foundation. They discuss leveraging SEO and content marketing to maximize impact, even with limited budgets.

The conversation also explores the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities each presents. Sara shares practical tips on how businesses can navigate these landscapes effectively, stressing the importance of adaptability and continuous learning.

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Featured Guest

Name: Sara Jensen
What she does: Principal

Company: Brighter Messaging

Noteworthy: Sara Jensen: Strategic marketer and founder of Brighter Messaging, specializing in digital marketing for small businesses.


Key Insights

Unlocking Organic Growth: SEO Strategies with Sara Jensen

Sara Jensen emphasizes the value of SEO for small businesses, highlighting its potential to transform the sales funnel by attracting organic traffic. She advocates for SEO as a long-term strategy, stressing its effectiveness over paid ads due to its sustainability. Sara’s insight underscores the importance of patience and a well-thought-out SEO plan from the outset, enabling businesses to gain control over their pipeline and scale organically.

Elevating Brand Voice: Content Marketing Insights from Sara Jensen

Sara discusses the critical role of content marketing and the benefits of working with professional writers. She points out that good writers save time and enhance brand representation by doing the heavy lifting—research, content creation, and aligning with the brand voice. This approach not only streamlines the marketing process but also results in higher quality content, driving better engagement and outcomes.

Targeting Precision: Sara Jensen on Knowing Your Audience

Highlighting the foundation of effective marketing strategies, Sara Jensen stresses the necessity of having a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience and a compelling value proposition. She advises businesses to delve deep into customer profiles, understanding their needs and the problems they face, which in turn informs a targeted marketing approach. This precision in knowing who you’re speaking to and what value you offer is paramount for any successful marketing effort.

Episode Highlights

Establishing a Digital Footprint with Sara Jensen

Kirsti introduces Sara Jensen and her journey of founding Brighter Messaging, aiming to assist small businesses in establishing a robust online presence. Given the critical role of digital marketing in today’s business landscape, companies need to be visible and engage online to attract and retain customers. This part sets the stage for the importance of strategic online marketing efforts.

“Sara built her career in strategic sales and marketing and in 2012 launched Brighter Messaging, a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses manage their online presence.”

Leveraging SEO and Content for Long-Term Success

Sara discusses the significance of investing in SEO and content marketing as foundational elements of a successful online strategy. She advises businesses to prioritize these areas for sustainable growth, highlighting SEO’s role in building organic traffic and content marketing’s impact on engagement and brand voice. Sara’s insights underscore the long-term benefits of these approaches over immediate, but fleeting, advertising gains.

“I would put the most resources into the website, honestly get that SEO going because that takes a lot of time to build up but it can pay dividends for such a long time.”

Email Lists and Social Media Strategies

In this segment, Sara Jensen stresses the value of building an email list as a direct and controlled way to engage with your audience. She contrasts this with the volatile nature of social media, where changes in algorithms can dramatically affect visibility. Sara advocates for a balanced approach, using social media to complement direct email communications and enhance audience engagement.

“Our core focus is really bringing people onto that mailing list because you ultimately have control of that. No one can take it away from you.”

Targeted Platform Selection for Maximum Impact

Sara provides practical advice on selecting the most effective platforms for marketing based on the target audience’s preferences. She illustrates the importance of strategic thinking when choosing platforms, whether it’s social media or other digital spaces, to ensure marketing efforts are concentrated where they will yield the highest engagement and conversions.

“Really be strategic about where does your target audience go for information and that’s where you need to have a presence.”

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