Molly Bruckman: Gamification Yields Big Results for Mutiny

January 9, 2024
Content Marketing | Direct | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

Corrina and Taylor are joined by Molly Bruckman, Head of Growth Marketing at Mutiny, to chat about her first campaign as a marketer, Surv-ai-vor, a binge-worthy content game series created for B2B marketers to learn more about AI. Molly breaks down how this campaign came to life, as well as the ins and outs of creating a digital game for B2B marketers, from how to promote it, how to design it, how to drive sponsorships, and how to repurpose it. 

Mutiny tries not to think like a B2B company, and as a result, they’ve become known in the space as a brand that delivers binge-worthy and engaging content. Want to gamify your content? This episode is for you.

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Featured Guest

Name: Molly Bruckman
What she does: Head of Growth Marketing
Company: Mutiny

Noteworthy: Molly was the second employee at Mutiny, initially building the customer experience organization before transitioning into marketing. Her first major project was the innovative ‘Surv-ai-vor’ campaign​​.

Key Insights

Origin and Structure of Surv-ai-vor Campaign

Molly Bruckman detailed the inception and framework of the Surv-ai-vor campaign, a gamified AI educational experience. This unique venture combined B2C incentives, including a $10,000 grand prize that increased with each signup. The campaign comprised three main elements: a premier featuring thought leadership, an interactive game, and finale events in major cities. This structure was not just about engagement but also about addressing the curiosity and concerns surrounding AI in the market​​.

Driving Virality and Engagement in Marketing

Molly emphasized the innovative strategies used to enhance virality and engagement in the Surv-ai-vor campaign. Key tactics included interactive product tours within the game portal, incentivizing social sharing and referrals, and organizing high-energy finale events in San Francisco and New York. These methods were effective in not only promoting the campaign but also in addressing the prevalent fear and excitement about AI in the marketing sector​​.

Potential for Micro Campaigns in Community Engagement

Reflecting on the success of the Surv-ai-vor campaign, Molly discussed the potential for implementing micro-campaigns within communities. These smaller-scale campaigns could address common marketing challenges and foster deeper engagement. By inviting community members to submit creative ideas and briefs, brands like Mutiny could sponsor and experiment with these concepts, further enhancing community involvement and innovation​​.

Episode Highlights

Innovative Approach to Campaign

Molly Bruckman discussed the unconventional approach to launching the Surv-ai-vor campaign. Unlike traditional campaigns that have all content and speakers lined up beforehand, Surv-ai-vor focused on teaching marketers about AI as its core concept. This approach challenged the usual marketing strategies and emphasized the importance of concept over content readiness.

“And essentially that was your driving force versus having all the speakers lined up having all the content ready to go, which I think most marketers shy away from getting in there. They want to have all that at the front end.”​ – Corrina​

Structuring the Campaign into Three Work Streams

The campaign was divided into three primary work streams. Each stream was managed by different team members, ensuring specialized focus and effective execution. This division of labor allowed for comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the campaign, from initial thought leadership to interactive gaming and culminating in engaging live events.

“We took the campaign and broke it into 3 work streams which were the premiere, the game and the live event.”​​

Sponsorship and Funding Strategies

Molly highlighted the financial aspects of the campaign, noting a significant investment of around $140,000. The strategy for sponsorships was centered not just on offsetting costs but also on achieving broader market reach and pipeline goals. Selecting sponsors who could enhance distribution within their target market was a key aspect of their sponsorship strategy.

“The main thing we looked for for sponsors was people that can get us broader reach within our target market.”​​

Focus on Teaching Varied Marketing Disciplines

The goal of the campaign was to educate marketers on various disciplines, aiming to create well-rounded generalists. The team carefully selected industry experts with strong distribution networks to teach different aspects of marketing, ensuring a wide reach and effective learning. This part of the strategy was crucial in building a comprehensive educational experience.

“Let’s teach all of the different disciplines and we listed them out of like content, ABM, creative, CRL, paid. And then we went to our networks and said, who’s the best people we know.”​​

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