Navigating from Why to How: Involving Experts in Content

May 30, 2024
Content Head | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In the latest episode of “Content Head,” host Joe Michalowski dives into the evolving landscape of marketing with a focus on the practical implementation of content strategies. Joe begins the episode by addressing a common pitfall in marketing trends: the overemphasis on the conceptual ‘why’ without adequate exploration of the ‘how.’

Joe explores several strategies for bringing subject matter experts into the marketing mix, emphasizing the transition from theoretical understanding to actionable practice. 

Delving deeper, Joe shares his experiences from his time at Mosaic, illustrating how foundational relationships, especially those formed during a company’s early days, can be instrumental in content creation. 

He outlines a particularly effective strategy of utilizing founder connections, which taps into a rich vein of authority and authenticity. This approach not only enriches the content but also aligns it closely with the audience’s expectations and interests.

The episode wraps up with practical advice on integrating sales and customer success teams into the content creation process. Joe highlights how these internal collaborations can foster a more engaged and informed content strategy, ultimately leading to a more dynamic and responsive marketing approach. 

By the end, Joe provided listeners with a comprehensive blueprint for moving beyond the why of content strategies to master the how, ensuring that marketing professionals are equipped to transform their content approaches into actionable results.

Featured Host

Name: Joe Michalowski
What he does: Director of Content
Company: Mosaic

Featured Guest

Key Insights

Harnessing Founder Networks Enhances Content Authenticity

Tapping into founder networks can significantly enrich marketing content, especially in early-stage or VC-backed startups. Founders often possess deep, relevant networks, including past colleagues, investors, and industry connections, which can provide genuine and authoritative voices for content platforms like podcasts or web series. This approach not only leverages the inherent trust and authority of these individuals but also aligns the content closely with the target audience’s needs and expectations. The method proves particularly effective in sectors where founders have previously held roles similar to those of the target audience, providing insider perspectives that resonate well with listeners and viewers.

Direct Engagement with Subject Matter Experts is Key

Engaging subject matter experts directly in content creation offers a straightforward yet underutilized strategy. Instead of relying on intermediaries, directly inviting experts to participate can lead to more authentic and insightful discussions. This approach is grounded in the understanding that many professionals appreciate opportunities to share their expertise without a direct sales pitch. It fosters a more genuine exchange of ideas and can significantly enhance the content’s depth and appeal, making it more relevant and engaging for the audience.

Strategic ABM Integration Can Boost Content Reach

Implementing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that incorporates content offers can significantly increase engagement rates. By using content as an initial touchpoint in ABM campaigns, organizations can create a value-first approach that piques the interest of potential leads. This strategy involves crafting personalized outreach that introduces potential guests or contributors to the content series, positioning it as a platform for them to share their insights on a larger stage. Such a strategy not only broadens the content’s reach but also enhances its effectiveness in targeting and engaging key audiences within specific industries or sectors.

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