Planning content for multiple verticals with Jennifer Harris of MindStream Analytics

June 24, 2024
Content Head | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In the latest episode of the Content Head podcast, host Joe Michalowski welcomes Jennifer Harris, the Director of Marketing at MindStream Analytics, as the first guest on the show. Jennifer brings over 20 years of marketing experience across various industries, with a recent focus on the EPM/CPM space. The episode delves into the intricacies of creating and managing a content strategy that caters to multiple verticals with distinct needs.

Jennifer discusses her approach to developing a dual content strategy that balances evergreen content with timely, trend-based material. She emphasizes the importance of listening to customer feedback and creating content that addresses their immediate needs while also building a repository of long-lasting resources. Webinars, blog posts, and case studies are her primary tools, which she converts into evergreen content that continues to attract and educate audiences long after its initial release.

Joe and Jennifer also explore the effective use of webinars in marketing. Jennifer highlights the significance of providing detailed descriptions and clear agendas to set proper expectations for the audience. She shares that making webinars CPE-certified adds substantial value, encouraging professionals to participate live and benefit from continuing education credits. This approach ensures that webinars are not just product demos but valuable, informative sessions that meet the audience’s needs and expectations.

The episode further dives into the importance of an agile content strategy. Jennifer explains how staying responsive to real-time customer feedback and market trends allows her team to make quick adjustments, ensuring their content remains relevant. She also discusses the necessity of cross-department collaboration, emphasizing that regular meetings with sales and other teams help align content creation with overall business goals. By incentivizing contributions from subject matter experts, Jennifer ensures that the marketing efforts are comprehensive and inclusive, fostering a culture of teamwork and shared objectives.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into managing a dynamic content strategy that effectively engages diverse audiences across multiple verticals. Jennifer’s practical advice and experience offer listeners actionable takeaways on maintaining relevance, leveraging webinars, and fostering collaboration within their organizations. Tune in to the Content Head podcast to learn more about these strategies and enhance your content marketing efforts.

Featured Host

Name: Jennifer Harris
What he does: Director of Marketing
Company: MindStream Analytics

Featured Guest

Key Insights

Content Strategies Must Be Both Evergreen and Trend-Based

Successful content strategies should balance evergreen content with timely, trend-based material. Evergreen content, such as detailed blog posts and webinars, serves as a long-term resource that remains relevant and valuable over time. This type of content establishes a knowledge base that audiences can refer back to, helping build authority and trust. On the other hand, trend-based content addresses current topics and immediate needs, capturing the audience’s attention and addressing their current concerns. By combining these two approaches, businesses can ensure they provide valuable, lasting resources while staying relevant to current trends and demands. This dual strategy not only maximizes content impact but also helps in maintaining a consistent and engaging presence across various channels.

Webinars Are Powerful Tools When Properly Executed

Webinars, when designed thoughtfully, can be highly effective tools for engagement and education. Detailed descriptions and clear agendas set the right expectations, ensuring that attendees understand the value they will gain. Additionally, making webinars CPE-certified adds significant value, drawing in professionals seeking to earn continuing education credits. This certification encourages live attendance and enhances the perceived value of the content. Successful webinars should focus on providing substantial, actionable information rather than being thinly veiled product demos. By prioritizing educational content and transparency, webinars can become a trusted resource that audiences return to over time, furthering the organization’s reputation as a thought leader.

Agile Content Strategies Are Essential for Diverse Audiences

An agile content strategy is crucial when addressing multiple verticals with varied needs and interests. Listening to customer feedback and staying attuned to market trends allows for rapid adjustments in content planning and production. This approach ensures that content remains relevant and effectively meets the specific demands of different industry sectors. For instance, when a significant market shift occurs, such as a competitor phasing out a platform, an agile strategy enables quick development of targeted content to capitalize on the opportunity. Additionally, leveraging subject matter experts within the organization and incentivizing their contributions ensures a steady flow of high-quality content that resonates with diverse audiences, maintaining engagement and driving growth.

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