Strategies for Repurposing and Distributing Content with Justin Simon

September 4, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | On Camera On Brand

Episode Summary

In this episode of On Camera On Brand, Rob Ruscher sits down with Justin Simon from Justin Simon Consulting. They dive into the evolving landscape of content strategy, with Justin emphasizing the “Distribution First” approach. This method challenges traditional content strategies, which often leave distribution as an afterthought. Instead, Justin advocates for prioritizing distribution from the outset, ensuring content reaches its intended audience effectively.

Justin also touches on the significance of repurposing content. By transforming a single piece of content into various formats, brands can maximize their reach and engagement. He underscores the importance of understanding audience preferences, noting that what resonates on one platform might need a tweak for another.

The conversation wraps up with insights into content value. Gone are the days when only website visits or YouTube views mattered. In today’s digital age, every interaction, from email opens to social media engagements, holds value, painting a holistic picture of content success.

Featured Guest

Name: Justin Simon
What he does: Strategy Consultant
Company: Justin Simon Consulting
Noteworthy: Expert in content strategy and a podcast host, passionate about the distribution-first approach.

Key Insights

Rethinking Content Value in a Digital Age

Justin Simon emphasizes the shift in how we value content. Gone are the days when a YouTube video view or a blog site visit was the pinnacle of success. In today’s digital-first world, every interaction matters. From email opens to social media engagements, each touchpoint paints a holistic picture of content success. As the digital landscape evolves, understanding the true value of content becomes crucial for brands and marketers.

The Power of Repurposing Content

Justin dives deep into the art of content repurposing. By taking a single piece of content, like a video or podcast, and transforming it into various formats, brands can maximize their reach. Distributing these repurposed pieces across platforms like YouTube shorts, LinkedIn, and Twitter can lead to exponentially more impressions over time. This approach not only extends the life of content but also amplifies its impact.

Distribution First: A New Content Strategy Paradigm

Justin introduces the “Distribution First” approach, a form of content strategy that prioritizes distribution from the outset. Traditional content strategies often treat distribution as an afterthought, leading to missed opportunities. By focusing on distribution from the beginning, brands can ensure their content effectively reaches its intended audience. This proactive approach challenges conventional content strategies and offers a fresh perspective on content creation and promotion.

Episode Highlights

The Evolution of Content Value

Justin Simon discusses the changing landscape of content valuation. He points out that traditional metrics like YouTube views or blog site visits are no longer the sole indicators of content success. In the current digital age, every interaction, from social media engagements to email opens, contributes to the overall value of content.

“It used to be that the YouTube video view was the most important thing, or the blog site visit was the most important. […] Now, I think in a social-first, distribution-first world where I’m looking on social 10 to 20x more times than I’m ever going to anybody’s website.”

The Art of Content Repurposing

Justin discusses the benefits of repurposing content. By breaking down a single piece of content into various formats and distributing it across different platforms, brands can significantly increase their reach and engagement.

“Now, if you take that same content, cut up all that content into clips, into shorts. […] After you go back and add that up […], you might find yourself having 5, 10, 20,000 more impressions on that content over time.”

The Repurposing Multiplier Effect

Justin introduces the concept of a “repurposing multiplier.” He describes how content can be repurposed and distributed across various channels to amplify its impact, leading to a significant increase in overall impressions and engagement.

“I call it a repurposing multiplier. […] So just adding up what happened here, how, how I have this idea or this concept […] and what is the impact, the total impact of us distributing that content over a month?”

The Role of Video in Distribution Strategy

Rob Ruscher probes Justin on the importance of video in a distribution strategy. Justin emphasizes the significance of video content, noting its potential to drive engagement and reach. However, he also stresses the need for a focused approach, especially when juggling multiple content channels.

“Is it worth doing a big distribution strategy without video content? Like to you, how important is video in terms of like a tool in this distribution process to get your message out?”

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