The Differences Between In-House and Agency Marketing

December 4, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker welcome Tory Kindlick, VP of Marketing at Corti, to explore the unique aspects of marketing in the technology sector. Tory, with his extensive experience, delves into the nuances of leading marketing teams and creating impactful content in this specialized industry. Tory also addresses the decision-making process behind what to keep in-house versus what to outsource as a marketing department.

Tory’s Journey and Storytelling in Marketing

Tory Kindlick shares his journey from conducting interviews across various fields to spearheading marketing in the healthcare technology sector. He emphasizes the critical role of storytelling in marketing, especially for a company like Corti that operates in healthcare technology. Tory applauds his communications team for their storytelling prowess, highlighting its significance in crafting Corti’s narrative, which encompasses content writing, public relations, and video production. This narrative crafting is key to building a brand’s trust and credibility, particularly in engaging with medical professionals, Corti’s primary audience.

Importance of Communication and Agile Leadership

The discussion also sheds light on the importance of clear communication and the use of straightforward tools like Google Docs for team alignment. Tory underscores the benefits of an agile approach to leadership, focusing on keeping the team united and efficient without the need for micromanagement. He shares his method of setting clear priorities at the start of each week, balancing his role as both a leader and a team member. This method helps the team understand their goals and concentrate on essential tasks.

Event Marketing and Emphasis on Quality Content

Tory and the hosts discuss the significance of event marketing and the creation of evergreen content. He describes his strategy to make Corti stand out at trade shows and events by thinking outside the box to create lasting impressions. Additionally, Tory touches on the high standards of content quality set by Corti’s CEO, advocating for producing exceptional content over a large quantity of average work. His focus is on creating top-notch, versatile content efficiently, valuing quality over quantity.


The episode concludes with Tory’s insights on the leadership styles that drive success in marketing, transitioning from a directive to a more collaborative approach. He shares his perspective on the importance of strategic hires in content creation and paid media to enhance marketing operations at Corti. Throughout the episode, Tory’s experiences and strategies offer valuable lessons for anyone in the field of tech marketing.

Featured Guest

Name: Tory Kindlick
What he does: VP of Marketing at Corti
Company: Corti
Noteworthy: Transitioned from interviewing experts to leading marketing at a healthcare tech company.

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