The Evolution of Alex Dillon: Sales to Enablement

September 1, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Taking the Lead

Episode Summary

In this episode of Taking the Lead, Christina Brady sits down with Alex Dillon, a seasoned expert from Intuit, to delve into her intriguing professional journey. Alex shares her transition from a sales role to a more focused path in training and coaching. Her experiences shed light on the challenges and rewards of navigating such shifts in one’s career.

A central theme of their conversation revolves around the undeniable power of connection. Alex emphasizes how building genuine relationships has been pivotal in her success, especially in the realm of training and coaching. She believes that fostering these connections can inspire and motivate individuals to reach their full potential.

As they wrap up, both Christina and Alex highlight the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in today’s fast-paced professional landscape. Their insightful discussion offers valuable takeaways for anyone looking to evolve in their career.

Featured Guest

Name: Alex Dillon

What she does: Manager of Sales L&D

Company: Intuit

Noteworthy: Alex Dillon: Inspired by life’s moments, driven by connection and impact.

Key Insights

Taming the Advice Monster

Alex Dillon shares a transformative lesson she acquired from a TED talk about taming one’s “advice monster.” Instead of impulsively offering advice, she’s learned the value of asking questions that guide individuals to their own realizations. This approach not only empowers others but also fosters genuine connections and understanding.

Embracing Moments and Making Connections

Alex passionately discusses the significance of moments in life, emphasizing how they can define our experiences. She believes in the power of connection, whether it’s making someone feel valued during tough times or celebrating milestones. These moments, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on our lives and the lives of others.

The Power of Courage and Challenge

In moments of doubt or when feeling stuck in a rut, Alex highlights the importance of harnessing courage and challenging oneself. Whether it’s taking on a new hobby, like martial arts, or stepping out of one’s comfort zone at work, these challenges can act as catalysts for personal growth and rejuvenation.

Episode Highlights

The Power of Moments and Genuine Connections

Alex Dillon emphasizes the significance of moments in shaping our experiences and the transformative power of genuine connections. He believes that every interaction, gesture, and moment counts in our lives.

“We just have this opportunity to be alive and make things really memorable and stay with you for a long period of time. So connection and impact is just something I’m so passionate about.”

Martial Arts and Breathing Through Challenges

Alex shares how martial arts taught her about breathing and pushing through challenges. She draws parallels between physical challenges in martial arts and personal or professional challenges in life.

“Martial arts has taught me a lot about breathing and breathing through things. And you are in a very uncomfortable position […] You can think back to those times of like, how have I gotten through a physical challenge and been able to breathe through it?”

The Impact of Moments During Hard Times

Alex reflects on the moments that mattered most during her challenging times. She emphasizes the importance of connections and how small gestures can have a profound impact on someone’s life.

“When people go through really hard times […] I remember one day I opened up my door and I had a mug outside with just a handwritten letter. […] It was that element of elevation and surprise but also connection, such an easy little thing.”

Taming the Advice Monster

Alex discusses a new skill she’s been harnessing, inspired by a TED talk, which is about taming her “advice monster.” She emphasizes the power of guiding questions over impulsively giving advice.

“I’ve been harnessing that TED talk into actual application and being, every time I feel the want to give people advice, I’m like, I need to tame my advice monster.”

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