The impact of executives within an organization contributing on social media

May 2, 2024
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, hosts  Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker welcome Kirsti Lang, Senior Content Writer at Buffer, to discuss the evolution and intricacies of social media marketing in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With her profound experience at Buffer, Kirsti provides valuable insights into how authenticity and strategic storytelling significantly enhance a brand’s presence on social media. She delves into the necessity of personal involvement from company leaders in social media efforts and the impact of genuine connections on audience engagement.

Kirsti’s Insights on Authenticity and Executive Participation

Kirsti emphasizes the crucial role of authenticity in marketing, illustrating how authentic stories from company leaders can resonate more deeply with audiences than traditional marketing content. She shares anecdotes from her career, demonstrating the stark contrast in engagement between posts from company executives and standard corporate updates. This part of the conversation highlights the importance of humanizing the brand through personal narratives and authentic interactions, reinforcing trust and credibility with the audience.

Overcoming Challenges in Executive Social Media Engagement

The dialogue also explores strategies to encourage executive involvement in social media. Kirsti discusses common hurdles marketing teams face, such as executive resistance, and offers practical solutions to these challenges. She stresses the effectiveness of demonstrating the tangible benefits of social media engagement through analytics and real-world success stories, providing a roadmap for marketers aiming to secure executive buy-in for social media initiatives.

Expanding the Social Media Contributor Circle

Further, Kirsti advocates for broadening the scope of social media contributors within a company to include employees across various roles. She suggests leveraging the unique perspectives of individuals who closely align with the company’s ideal customer profile, thereby enriching the brand’s social media content with diverse and relatable narratives. This approach not only diversifies the company’s digital voice but also strengthens its authenticity and appeal to the target audience.


The episode wraps up with Kirsti’s reflections on the significance of storytelling, authenticity, and collaborative content creation in social media marketing. Her insights underscore the transformative power of integrating personal stories from across the company hierarchy into the brand’s social media strategy. Throughout the discussion, Kirsti’s expertise sheds light on effective practices for engaging modern audiences, making this episode a treasure trove of knowledge for marketers navigating the complexities of digital engagement.

Featured Guest

Name: Kirsti Lang
What he does: Senior Content Writer
Company: Buffer
Noteworthy: Kirsti Lang is a Senior Content Writer at Buffer and host of The Anonymous Marketer.

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