The Re-launch of Tech Qualified

December 1, 2023
Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Tech Qualified

Episode Summary

In the episode of Tech Qualified, hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker unveil the relaunch of their podcast, reflecting on its evolution and new direction. They discuss the journey from its inception, focusing on interviews with VPs of marketing and CMOs, to its current revamped form. This episode provides a rich insight into the podcast’s transformation, emphasizing a more targeted approach to content creation and audience engagement.

The Transformation of Tech Qualified

Justin Brown reminisces about the early days of Tech Qualified, recalling how the podcast initially featured interviews with high-profile marketing executives. He acknowledges the need for a shift in focus, aiming to produce content that is not only meaningful but also highly relevant to the audience. This evolution marks a significant change in the podcast’s strategy, highlighting the importance of content specificity and relevance in today’s media landscape.

Journalistic Approach to Content Creation

Meredith Metsker, with her background in journalism, brings a unique approach to content creation. She emphasizes starting with the most critical and pressing information, adhering to the “inverted pyramid” style of journalism. Meredith advocates for adding real value to the audience, focusing on authentic subject matter expertise rather than superficial knowledge. This approach ensures the podcast’s content remains genuine, valuable, and engaging for the listeners.

Content: The Core of Effective Marketing

Justin Brown, from an agency perspective, underscores the crucial role of content in successful marketing. He explains that understanding the customer and tailoring content to their needs is essential. Then, amplifying this content across various platforms ensures a comprehensive marketing approach. This episode serves as a testament to the importance of content in marketing, illustrating how it forms the foundation of any effective marketing strategy.

Conclusion: A Renewed Commitment to Quality Content

The episode concludes with a reaffirmation of the podcast’s commitment to delivering more targeted and impactful content. Both hosts stress the importance of addressing core audience issues and maintaining authenticity in content creation. The relaunch of Tech Qualified symbolizes a renewed focus on providing value through in-depth discussions and expert insights, resonating deeply with their audience in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Featured Hosts

Name: Meredith Metsker
What she does: Senior Content Marketing Manager
Company: uConnect

Name: Justin Brown
What he does: Co-owner
Company: New North

Available on these platforms:

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