You’re More than the Words Guy/Gal

December 27, 2023
Content Head | Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy

Episode Summary

In the latest Content Head episode, host Joe Michalowski discusses the challenges of explaining the role of a content marketer to family and friends, especially during the holiday season. He shares a personal anecdote about his family’s long standing joke regarding the ambiguity of his father’s job, drawing a parallel to his own experiences in content marketing. Joe reflects on his initial simplistic explanation of his job as “the words guy,” a phrase that, while effective in avoiding lengthy discussions, eventually became a limiting self-identification.

Joe then dives into the importance of understanding and articulating the value of one’s work beyond basic tasks. He encourages listeners to reflect on the impact of their work and to recognize the broader contributions they make to their organization. This reflection is not just about what they currently do but also about their aspirations and future goals within their career. Joe emphasizes the significance of viewing one’s role through a lens of strategic contribution rather than just task completion.

In conclusion of the episode, Joe advises listeners on how to communicate their job roles and values effectively. He suggests developing a concise yet substantial “elevator pitch” that encompasses both current responsibilities and future ambitions. This approach aims to present a more complete and aspirational view of one’s professional identity, moving beyond oversimplified job descriptions. The episode is a blend of personal insights and practical advice, aiming to empower content marketers to better articulate the depth and value of their work.

Featured Host

Name: Joe Michalowski
What he does: Director of Content
Company: Mosaic

Featured Guest

Key Insights

Aspiring to a Desired Perception

Joe Michalowski emphasizes the importance of explaining one’s job in a way that aligns with the perception they aspire to, rather than strictly detailing day-to-day tasks. This approach is not about passing a test or presenting an untruthful image; it’s about answering a subjective question in a way that reflects the light in which one wishes to be seen and the work they aim to do. This concept suggests moving beyond a literal description of job roles, encouraging professionals to think about and articulate their roles in a broader, more aspirational context​​.

Value Beyond the ‘Fake it Till You Make it’ Mentality

Joe acknowledges the value of the ‘fake it till you make it’ mentality but clarifies that it’s not the focus of his discussion. Instead, he encourages listeners to consider what they want to be known for in their careers. Whether it’s planning content strategies that align with overarching business goals or staying engaged in the hands-on, creative aspects of content production, he highlights the importance of recognizing and communicating the specific value one brings to their work, rather than simply adopting a generic or superficial self-description​​.

Reflecting on Current Role Value and Aspirations

Joe discusses the tendency to default to simplistic explanations of one’s job, like being “the words guy.” He points out that such simplifications can prevent professionals from tapping into more strategic aspects of their roles. Michalowski stresses the importance of being intentional about how one describes their job, especially during informal conversations like holiday gatherings. This involves reflecting on the true value brought in one’s current role and how it aligns with future career aspirations, encouraging a more nuanced and accurate representation of one’s professional identity​​.

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