Christina Brady

Christina Brady

Host of Taking the Lead
Christina, a seasoned sales executive in the SaaS space, leverages her nearly two decades of experience to drive growth and profitability with creative, scalable strategies. A former artist and performer, she's passionate about fostering culture, developing leaders, and building top-performing sales teams. Committed to a people-first approach, Christina impacts SaaS organizations across the US through program development, public speaking, and executive coaching. Energized by helping companies make a global impact, she's a dynamic force in business growth.

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Taking the Lead is a podcast for B2B Tech professionals, leaders, and executives who are looking to learn and be inspired. In each episode, Christina Brady interviews top female icons who are at the forefront of revenue teams. Through highlighting their unique stories, journey, wins, and challenges, Taking the Lead helps tech professionals understand the industry, trends, and how to navigate the B2B Tech landscape.

Featured content

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In this episode of Taking the Lead, host Christina Brady engages in an insightful conversation with Stephanie Middaugh, a seasoned sales enablement professional from Pinecone. Throughout the discussion, Stephanie provides...
In this insightful episode of Taking the Lead, host Christina Brady sits down with Stephanie Valenti, the dynamic COO & Head of Revenue at Vitalyc Medspa. Stephanie shares her unconventional...
In this episode of Taking the Lead, listen to a high-impact conversation between Christina Brady and Ravi Rajani, the host of The Influential Communicator. Christina’s insights on sales leadership are both...

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