Taylor Young

Taylor Young

Host of Direct with Corrina & Taylor
Taylor is an enthusiastic and ambitious go-to-market strategist known for her vibrant personality and unwavering drive. As an enneagram type 3 and a proud Gryffindor, she fearlessly embraces any challenge, propelling her success in the marketing world. With a proven track record as a revenue-boosting powerhouse, Taylor is passionate about empowering organizations to excel. Her expertise shines through in her development of game-changing ABM Playbooks and pioneering the Revenue Flywheel framework. Off the podcast mic, Taylor’s rural Georgia farm is home to an adorable bunch of animals that provide the perfect contrast to the fast-paced culture of B2B SaaS.

Learn from go-to-market professionals who do the work

Direct with Corrina & Taylor is a podcast for go-to-market professionals who want to see how work really gets done. In each episode, Corrina & Taylor capture stories from individual contributors on go-to-market teams. These are the people who roll up their sleeves & make campaigns happen. Ultimately, the stories & experiences shared by guests will help inspire your next project and unlock the next step in your career.

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